Thursday, May 28, 2009


She’s confident, articulate, persuasive, empowered, educated, opinionated, stylish, a mother of two with a hot body and wife to the most powerful political leader in the world. And despite what Iman said about her ( she is gorgeous. So what’s not to like about Michelle Obama?

Her best moments have been her unwavering support and defense of her family. She’s clearly always been Obama’s number one supporter of his ambition. During his campaign for the hot seat she quit her job so that she can be a part of his campaign team. She also fiercely protected the privacy of her daughters’ lives and came out publicly against the TyGirls dolls that were named after them. (

My particular fascination with Michelle Obama has been how she is fast becoming not only a cultural icon but a fashion one as well. She’s been compared to Jackie Onassis, which is typical of society making comparisons and not viewing some one according to their individual merits. I believe she is a step beyond Jackie O on a number of levels.

Firstly unlike Jackie, her dress sense has more personality. She doesn’t just wear one style or one type of dress in different colours. She plays around with different items, colour and accessories and pulls it off well. Who would have thought a plastic belt can look good? That comment was made by a dear friend of mine. After seeing Michelle on an O magazine cover wearing a plastic belt I had to admit that only a highly sophisticated and stylish woman could pull of plastic like she did. The fact that she is the only woman to have graced the cover of O mag, either than Ms Winfrey herself, makes her a special kind of something. One has to admit that this woman’s got it going on. She has also made looking good accessible to her legions of followers by mixing her designer digs with retail store items. This affirms the notion that looking good is not about designer and expensive items.

Besides the aesthetics, Michelle’s personal story is inspirational to women around the world. She was born into a blue collar family and became a high achiever all around, leading to her education and career achievements. She inspires the confidence to be successful in one’s personal and professional lives. She does so in a way that has not left her husband intimidated. Obama has been quoted saying that he owes his success to his wife. Above all, she’s played up her role as a mother and the importance of a family unit. It sets the tone for those who admire traditional values and it’s good to see that a woman can have it all and not to the detriment of her self development.

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